About Course


“Dead teaches the living” is the introduction of Anatomy. it is a Basic Subject of Medical Science deals With the study of the Structure of the Human Body

Department of Anatomy is well furnished and fully equipped. Anatomy Department consist of

  • Spacious Dissection Hall
  • Museum
  • cadaver Room
  • Demonstration Hall
  • O.D Room

This department is fully Loaded with Charts, Models, Bones and other virtual Materials for different aspects of study of Anatomy with modern facilities.



  • Physiology integrates the individual function of all the Bodies of different cells & organs into a Function whole, the human
  • This Department has its own Separate Bio-chemistry Laboratory
  • Physiology Department is well Furnished fully equipped with teaching aid, having 25 microscopes
  • This Department is having separate Departmental Library Audio visual aid, separate seating arrangement for staff members with computer and internet facilities.



organon of Medicine is a Fundamental subject of Homoeopathy which teaches basic principle of Homoeopathy

  • well Finished Department gives emphasis on Trinity of Life, i.e. Body, mind and soul, it gives emphasis on holistic concept of the Disease
  • organon Department is having good numbers of
  • Photographs of Founder and philosophers
  • Charts
  • Model

With fully computerized system with internet facilities

  • This Department is having separate museum of medicine separate seating arrangement for staff members & H.O.D with Department Library
  • The Prim aim of Department is to apply Homoeopathic principles for Clinical practice.



Pharmacy Department is a backbone of Homoeopathy, plays an important role in National economy

  • Pharmacy Department & consists of
  • Laboratory
  • Demonstration Hall
  • Museum
  • Herbal Garden
  • Separate setting arrangement for staff members and H.O.D
  • Different species of Medicinal plants are cultivated in Herbal garden with all basic facilities

Homoeopathic pharmacy gives preliminary and essential knowledge to the study of Homeopathic material medica and organon of medicine which consists the core Area of Homoeopathy.



  • Full Furnished and well established Department having good number of specimens, charts, typical picture wise presentation of Homoeopathic drug with basic amenities
  • This Department is covered with net facilities
  • The Department is consist of good number of charts and specimen


Repertory is a Fundamental subject of Homoeopathy. The purpose of the Repertory is to help you find the right remedy for a given case. It is a tool. The repertory helps to individualize a case to find the right remedy for the right person. The best way to learn to use the repertory is to practice. The more you look up rubrics and find your way around the repertory, the easier it becomes.

It also assists the practitioner find small and rarely used remedies and to link unusual symptoms with the appropriate remedy.  There are some cases where using the repertory is crucial to finding the right remedy and other cases where it is much less useful.

A repertory is a place where information is stored or categorized so that it can be retrieved more easily.  It is an index of symptoms, with a listing of all of the remedies known to be associated with each particular symptom.  This information can be stored in a book format, on software, compact disc, or through a collection of cards (card repertories).  The word “repertory” comes from the Latin word repertus, which means “to find.”

Department gives emphasis on Developing skill to use different types of Repertory with a sound Knowledge of Where, When and How to use repertory.

Department of Repertory is having good numbers of

  • Posters of our Stalwarts
  • Informative Charts
  • Fully Computerized Laboratory with internet facilities
  • This Department is having separate Museum, Demonstration room separate seating arrangement for staff members & H.O.D with Departmental Library

The Prime aim of Department is to ease and make Homoeopathic Clinical Practice Successful.