Homoeopathic Repertory & Case Taking

Department of Homoeopathic Repertory & Case Taking

The word repertory originates from the Latin word “repertoire” or Late Latin word “Repertorium”. The Repertory is the past participle of “reperire”, which means – to find out. During 18th century repertorium or reperire also used to carry the meaning “ARMAMENTARIUM” where the armaments were arranged in fixed and definite order at the right place. Dr. E. Wright said “It is impossible to practice homoeopathy without the aid of repertories and the best repertory is the fullest”.


Repertory helps in suggesting the unknown remedies and to be careful and avoid routinism thus makes the Doctor unprejudiced in dealing the cases for prescribing the right medicine.


  • Repertory department is well constructed, well-ventilated and equipped with computers.
  • Department is rich with all types of demonstration charts and different types of repertories especially modern repertories with more than 42 numbers of books are available in the department.
  • Departmental classes always done very systematically.

Department gives highest important on proper case taking and different types of technique used for repertorization along with maintaining the record of cases for further references.