Human physiology and biochemistry

Department of Human physiology and biochemistry

The Physiology Department is involved in imparting training to undergraduate medical students.

The Department boasts of state of art facilities including Clinical Physiology Lab, Biochemistry Lab, and well equipped Departmental Library with sufficient books, models and descriptive Charts. It also contains instruments for performing experiments in biochemistry lab & hematology Lab.

We encourage the students to develop their practical and clinical skills in scientific study of normal mechanisms, and their interactions, which operate within a living system.

The Dept of Physiology is taught to students in FIRST BHMS as per NCH norms.

This teaching curriculum is distributed among interactive lectures, group discussions, practicals, tutorials and seminars as per CBDC guidelines.



  1. Lecture Hall: Common Lecture Hall shared with other Departments
  2. Demonstration room: There shall be one demonstration room fitted to accommodate at least 60 students in 2 batches.
  3. Practical Laboratories: There are separate Practical Laboratories for Biochemistry and Clinical Physiology with accommodation for 60 students in 2 batches.